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If it looks like we love the folks from Neurohacker Collective, that’s because we do.
This time we’re bringing on the co-founder and CEO Jordan Greenhall, after featuring his fellow co-founder Daniel Schmachtenberger in four Future Thinkers episodes.
#Doodlebugs Play School in Sandton, Johannesburg, we provide for your child?s holistic wellness from 18 months to four?years old through leading cr?che, #daycare and #nurseryschool education.
#CasaPlaya No 5 is a luxuriously self-catering apartment situated on #Umhlanga main beach (next door to Umhlanga Sands Hotel). There are a number of amenities within close walking distance i.e. hair dressers, beauty salons, cocktail bars, coffee shops and world class #restaurants.
Today on the show we have Daniel Jeffries, who recently came to prominence because of his Medium articles on blockchain and philosophy.

Dan is an author, futurist and thinker. He writes science fiction novels, short stories and blog articles on topics ranging from cryptocurrency to enlightenment.
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